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Remote Success: Celebrate National Work from Home Day!

National Work from Home Day: Remote Work Policies

Did you know that June 27th is National Work from Home Day? This day serves as a time to reflect on the convenience, flexibility, and even productivity that working from home offers to millions of employees across the country. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted a significant number of employees from onsite work to remote work. This change demonstrated that, with the right resources, many employees can be just as productive (if not more so) when working from home. Despite many employers returning to mandatory onsite work after the height of the pandemic, many other employers continued (and some even began) operating with a distributed workforce. This change demonstrated a shift in mindset for the modern workforce. Many employees and employers alike prefer remote work!

In light of this recent development, a well-written remote work policy is essential for any employer looking to thrive in the modern remote work landscape. Amongst other things, a formal remote work policy can help establish expectations regarding:

  1. Confidentiality and Privacy: EX: Do your home-based employees need to take extra precautions to protect sensitive information?

  2. Resources: EX: Do your home-based employees need a webcam, a separate phone line, a virtual private network (“VPN”), or other resources?

  3. Pay: EX: Do your home-based employees receive a stipend for using their cell phone, internet, or other personal resources for handling the company’s business?

  4. Safety: EX: Do your home-based employees need to take extra measures to ensure that their workspace meets safety standards?

  5. Travel: EX: Do your home-based employees travel farther to meet clients or conduct other business on behalf of your company?

For an employer, National Work from Home Day is a call to action. Your company can enhance productivity, increase employee satisfaction, and even protect itself from reasonably foreseeable risks…all by implementing a comprehensive remote work policy. Let’s embrace this new era of work with clear guidelines for remote workers, including those who work from home!

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