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What are "Modern Business Contracts"?

 "Modern Business Contracts" encompasses a reliable method for crafting bespoke legal documents personalized to your needs. We focus on tailoring business contracts and legal documents to fit your situation, and we are dedicated to an efficient and thorough process to ensure compliance with your needs and legal standards. 

So, what are those steps?

Scroll down to learn more about how we can guide you through every step of the way!

Step 1 – The Intake

Before we begin, we might send you a brief intake form to complete. The form will help us understand your goals and streamline your consultation.​


Unless we suggest otherwise, we ask that you spend no more than 20-30 minutes on your form and that you return it to us at your earliest convenience, ideally, at least a full business day before your consultation.


​If you leave blanks or have questions, that is our job! We can discuss your questions or concerns during your consultation.​


If we need copies of documents or other written information from you, we will send you a secure web link for uploading your materials. 


** We do not need hard copies and do not accept original copies of any written material.​

Step 2 – The Consultation

Our first meeting is your confidential initial consultation, which will be scheduled for up to one hour. These are typically via Zoom or over the phone, but may be at our office if you prefer.
During your consultation, we will help you design the contract or other legal document that fits your needs. We might even introduce you to new and interesting legal concepts. We encourage you to ask questions!

There is no commitment to hire us to prepare your document. Your consultation is simply an opportunity to brainstorm with a knowledgeable resource. 

To wrap up your consultation, we will explain our engagement process and the applicable fee structure. We offer flat rates for drafting most common business-related contracts and other legal documents, including employee handbooks. *

*A flat rate is not always reasonable or ethical. When hourly fees will apply, we will explain our hourly fee structure.

Step 3 – The Engagement

If you decide to hire us to draft your contract or other legal document, you will engage us by e-signing an engagement agreement and paying the applicable fee.

If we have agreed upon a flat rate, we will typically ask that you pay 100% of the fee up front. If an hourly fee will apply, we will ask that you pay a retainer. On occasion, such as if preparing your document requires in-depth research on a novel approach, we might require a hybrid—part flat fee and part hourly fee.

You may pay any of our fees via credit or debit card at no additional cost to you.

Step 4 - The Drafting

Once you hire us, we begin the real work—the drafting! We aim to help you make all (or at least most) final decisions about your documents before we begin drafting.​


We will typically complete an initial draft within about 2 weeks after being engaged. If you hire us to draft multiple documents at once (which we are happy to do!), we will discuss priorities and timelines.


​If we need additional information or you need additional time to make final decisions, we might provide drafts with placeholder language or with options for you to consider. We will send you drafts to review via a secure web link.


We ask that you schedule a draft review meeting to occur within 2 weeks of receiving your draft.

Step 5 – The Review

Our draft review meetings are typically scheduled for up to 30 minutes. On occasion, we might request a longer meeting. Our goal is to make sure you feel 100% confident about the contract or other legal document that we draft for you.​


During your draft review meeting, we will address your questions, comments, and final decisions. If we still need additional information or you still need additional time to make final decisions, we will discuss the best options for wrapping everything up.

Step 6 - The Wrap-up

Once your document is complete, we will send it to you via a secure web link. We strongly advise against making any substantive changes to it without additional legal guidance.​


In the meantime, we might invite you to a closing meeting to discuss any final questions, additional steps, and practical guidance for using your document.

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